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Why Choose Us? Mariner Canvas Company, LLC. - Cost Estimator

Why Choose Us?

MARINER CANVAS COMPANY, winner of fourteen Fabrication Excellence Awards of Excellence and eight east-coast commendations, fabricates high-quality marine canvas projects including

  • Bimini-tops
  • Soft and Hard Dodgers
  • Enclosure Panels
  • Boat Covers
  • Boat Canvas Specialty Products

The Industrial Fabrics Association International, Marine Fabricators Association, Virginia-Carolinas Canvas Products, and Tri-Vantage all recognize Mariner Canvas as a leader in exceptional custom marine canvas fabrication. Mariner Canvas projects have demonstrated high endurance and suffered no damage during rough conditions, easily weathering Hurricane Isabelle, Hurricane Ophelia, and a 140mph microburst.

We opened our custom marine canvas business in spring of 2003, after completion of Marine Canvas Training Institute Courses. We have many years of sailing and cruising experience, which helps us understand the needs and considerations of our fellow boaters and sailors. In addition, our former successful careers in the computer industry bring innovative design and problem solving skills to marine projects.


At Mariner Canvas, we take pride in delivering the highest quality marine canvas project available. We only use top quality products and construction techniques. For traditional framing, heavy-duty 16-gauge stainless steel tubing and quality 316 ss fittings support the canvas. All eye-end fittings on the tubing are attached with ss rivets, providing additional security. We use only top quality fabrics such as Sunbrella and Stamoid, which have a 5-10 year warranty. Our fabric construction techniques minimize shrinkage, have reinforced stitching, and provide three layers of fabric over all frame contact areas. All canvas edges are finished with marine binding and proper reinforcement. We use Gore Tenara thread exclusively because it has a guarantee against stitch failure for the life of the fabric. Other quality materials include YKK #10 UV zippers, quality marine fasteners, and marine vinyl or leather chafe protection.


In building your project, the following considerations are important to your custom canvas design:

  • Strong design shaped to compliment the unique lines of your boat.
  • Efficient access/operation of winches and other line handling.
  • Convenient companionway access.
  • Convenient access between cockpit, sidedecks and boarding gates.
  • Design to accommodate additional canvas at a later time, if desired.
  • Accommodations for efficient and space conserving storage.

Our services include expert repairs and upgrades to existing boat canvas. We also offer comprehensive cleaning and treatment to extend the life of your canvas projects.

To provide our customers professional services for additional quality products, we are authorized dealers for:


Sea Shell Retractable Awning   Lippencott Hard Dodger
Mack Pack Sail Control System   OceanAir Marine Products
Shade Tree Awning   OEM Replacement Canvas


We are committed to the boating community, and very involved in the Cape Lookout Sail and Power Squadron. The Power Squadrons have three basic tenants: boating education, civic service, and fraternal brotherhood. We welcome your questions of interest in participating in this very worthwhile organization.


We know that we are not the lowest price, but we do know that we are the highest quality and value. Mariner Canvas is your source for top-quality custom marine canvas, built to last.

Mariner Canvas 10-Point Product Features and Benefits Program

Mariner Canvas takes pride in delivering the highest quality product available. We credit our success not only to membership in professional organizations, but to our 10-Point Features and Benefits program. As you look at our program you can clearly see how it makes us stand apart from other marine fabricators in our area.

  1. We use GoreTex Tenara thread exclusively.
    Benefit: Tenara thread is guaranteed to last without degrading or failure for the life of the fabric. If it fails before the fabric, Gore will pay for the repairs.
  2. We use quality fabrics such as Sunbrella, which have a 10-year warranty against failure.
    Benefit: Your project will last many seasons without stitch or fabric problems. No more trips to the shop for re-stitching. With proper care, your project will last well beyond the 5-years warranty.
  3. We bind the edges with quality binding in matching or complimentary colors. 
    Benefit: Bound edges provide a finished look while providing strength and protection against chafe.
  4. 4. We use heavy duty #10 YKK UV Vislon zippers in our frame pockets and panel connections. We sew zippers behind binding so that they are protected against UV degradation, and the binding forms a weather seal gasket. We also use YKK locking zipper pulls.
    Benefit: The zippers will last longer because they are protected from UV and weather. The locking zipper pulls prevent annoying zipper creep.
  5. Our "SMILES" and "FROWNS" use heavy-duty #10 YKK Ziplon zippers. We surround the zipper slot with flat binding, then bind the opening edges.
    Benefit: Coil zippers are designed to go around curves and lay flat. They work much better than Vislon zippers in this application. The bound edges form a gasket over the coil zipper, which serves as a weather seal and a shingle to keep water out of the zipper slot. You benefit from an easy to use zipper that will outlast other installation styles.
  6. We use 30-mil vinyl reinforcement material behind any area that will contain a fastening device. We install 40-mil chafe protection wherever needed to protect the product.
    Benefit: Your snaps, common-sense fastener or lift-the-dot fastener will not pull out. The fabric as well as the vinyl backing will support them. Chafe patches protect against unnecessary wear.
  7. All of our tops have built in frame-pocket zippers. 
    Benefit: You can easily install or remove your top when necessary. No more frame disassembly necessary when storms are on their way and you need to get the canvas off your boat. You'll benefit from that convenience when it's cleaning time.
  8. 8. We use heavy-duty 16 gauge (.065), one inch stainless steel tubing and high quality 316 stainless components. We rivet eye ends to frame members with stainless rivets to prevent frames from parting.
    Benefit: Our frames will last a lifetime. You don't have to worry about loose setscrews allowing frame members to come apart, just when you need to grab onto something solid. Our frames have safety built in. 
  9. All stressed seams are top- stitched (double stitching) for security. We reinforce stress areas, such as frame pocket corners, by adding special stitching for extra strength. 
    Benefit: With the use of Goretex thread and attention to detail in stitching, our products are made to last. Our construction and sewing techniques provide you with a high quality product that will not suffer typical seam failures or tears.
  10. We "hot knife" cut and heat seal all exposed fabric edges. 
    Benefit: Prevents stretching and fraying of fabric edges.


  • Fabric: Sunbrella, Weathermax, Stamoid, Riviera, Marine Mesh
  • Clear: Strataglass , Crystal-Clear 20/20, Rigid Panels
  • Fasteners: YKK #10 UV zippers, Scoville fasteners
  • Thread: Gore Tenara Thread
  • Authorized dealers
    • Sea Shell Retractable Awning
    • Mack Pack Sail Control System
    • Shade Tree Awning
    • Lippencott Hard Dodger
    • Oceanair Marine Products
    • OEM Replacement Canvas for a wide range of boat manufacturers


  • The Industrial Fabrics Association International
  • The Marine Fabricators Association
  • The Virginia-Carolinas Canvas Products Association
  • Cape Lookout Sail and Power Squadron
  • New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Oriental, NC Boat Show Sponsor

Industrial Fabrics Association International

Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Marine Sailboats

Marine Fabricators Association Awards 

Award of Excellence

  • Dodger - January 2010
  • Tops 27 Feet and up - January 2009
  • Soft Enclosures - January 2008
  • Dodger - January 2008
  • Tops 31 - 45 Feet - February 2007

Outstanding Achievement Award

  • Top 27 Feet and Up - January 2012
  • Top 27 Feet and Up - January 2011
  • Top 27 Feet and Up - January 2010 
  • Deluxe Soft Enclosure - January 2008
  • Soft Enclosures 31-45 Feet - February 2007
  • Tops 31-45 Feet - February 2005
  • Unique and Different - February 2005
  • Soft Top Dodger 31-45Feet - February 2005

New Member Award

  • February 2004

Virginia-Carolinas Canvas Products Association Awards

  • Award of Excellence - Marine Exteriors - September 2011
  • First Place - Marine Soft Enclosures - September 2007
  • First Place - Marine Exteriors Canvas - September 2006
  • First Place - Marine Exterior Projects - September 2004
  • Second Place - Marine Exteriors - September 2008
  • Second Place - Marine Exterior Canvas - September 2005
  • Second Place - Marine Specialty Projects - September 2005

Certificates awarded from Marine Canvas Training Institute

  • Basic Boat Canvas - Advanced Boat Canvas

Tri-Vantage Supplier

  • Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship - September 2011


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